Exploring Heritage and Art with Rajasthan Tour Packages
18.02.2014 17:43

Rajasthan, a popular Indian state, is known lately as a leading tourist destination for a large number of local and international travelers. The land is known for its rich culture and heritage, which are being reflected in the colorful festivals, art forms, and historic monuments. Rajasthan tour packages are meant for people who want to explore the ancient historic culture of India. Rajasthan Tourism Department also puts in a commendable effort in promoting tourism here by offering world-class facilities and amenities to the tourists.

                             Rajasthan Tour Packages | Image Resource : indiatourcardriver.com

Rajasthan has a lot to offer to the tourists. They can enjoy desert safari, have a close look at the wildlife, visit the historic and heritage properties, enjoy adventure sports, and a lot more. This place is also known for its tribal life. Above all, the major attraction of Rajasthan is the palaces. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, which is known as the Pink City of India with a lot of pink tinted palaces and monuments all over the city. There are also many desert forts in Rajasthan built by the emperors who ruled this place from time to time.

Apart from Jaipur, the other places to be looked for at Rajasthan tour packages are Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, etc. Even though known to be a desert land, Rajasthan has many places with lakes, forests, and even cool hill stations. There are also a couple of wild life sanctuaries in Rajasthan. Indian Railways offers a special luxury tourist train to Rajasthan named “Palace on wheels".

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