Option to Book Kerala Packages Online – Your Key to an Amazing Holiday Experience
21.03.2014 12:34

Book kerala packages online | Image Resource: justkerala.in

Kerala, which is also called the God’s Own Country, is a welcoming tourist destination. You will find it truly God’s own once here as far as the natural beauty and the balanced and serene atmosphere are considered. It is a very small state, which is located at the southernmost tip of India, and it has fourteen districts. As the other southern Indian states, Kerala also has its own rich cultural heritage, which is truly unique and amazing. The cuisines and art of Kerala are also enjoyable, and they attract many of the foreign tourists from the world. You can now easily book Kerala packages online offered by the tourism department of the state as well as many private tour operators.

There are a lot of exiting holiday destinations in Kerala. One amazing fact about Kerala’s tours is that Kerala has got something or other to satisfy all those who are having diversified tastes and interests. On one end, you can see many sunny pristine beaches as the western border of Kerala is the Arabian Sea. On the eastern side, you can enjoy the chill and lush of many hill stations at the Western Ghats, which is the other boundary of Kerala. There are three major airports in Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode. The entire state is connected with rail routes and you can also enjoy road travel as there are many national highways laid throughout the state.

A unique feature you get to enjoy in Kerala is the cruise through the backwaters. Kumarakom and Allappuzha are the famous places for backwater cruise. There are many houseboats, which are facilitated with all homely features, to float through the lakes and it is a lifetime experience you can get by trying out this. There are many other options too for you to check out while trying to book Kerala packages online.



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